Vintage Hammered Aluminum Large Floral Medallion Pendant Necklace '40s

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Product Description

Vintage Aluminum Necklace with Hammered Aluminum Large Floral Oval Medallion Pendant from the 1940s

This is a lovely example of the 1940s style of hammered aluminum medallion necklaces. The chain is not aluminum, but features hefty textured double links with a round spring clasp in silver toned metal - a great look to the pendant. I have seen many aluminum pendants on these silver tone metal texture chains.

The medallion can come off the chain carefully and would look fabulous on a black cord.

The medallion is an exquisite example of how aluminum was hammered into lovely patterns to adorn jewelry. This medallion is an oval featuring a full-sized flower motif with three flowers with leaves placed on top of a textured background grid. Bordering the entire flower pattern is a tiny leaf and posy patterned frame.

The uniqueness of this medallion is that it is in two pieces – you can slide them apart a bit. It appears that due to the featured medallion being concave, another piece of textured hammered aluminum was placed as a backing. They fit together perfectly and do not swing apart by themselves.

Being aluminum, it is very light weight but gives a bold hefty look.

Aluminum jewelry became popular during World War II when precious metals were used for the war effort. Jewelry makers, not wanting ladies to do without their jewelry adornment, created a wide variety of hammered, textured, and colored fashion jewelry made from Aluminum. Aluminum jewelry has since been created into the 60s and 70s.

This piece is unsigned but is consistent with styles from the 1940s.
Velvet jewelry box in photo not included.

SIZE 24 inch necklace with a 3 inch medallion pendant

CLOSURE: Round spring clasp

MATERIAL: Aluminum Pendant Medallion***Chain is silver tone metal

CONDITION: Excellent vintage condition, meaning the medallion some slight darkening from wear that helps the pattern show. It has been used and worn. Clasp is in good working order. Chain is not aluminum and not original to the medallion but is very good condition and marries well to the oval medallion.

Other suggested aluminum pieces:
(more are being listed, as vintage aluminum jewelry is one of my favorites and I am always on the lookout)

Vintage jewelry is preowned and loved throughout the years. You may see instances of some wear in general that is to be expected. I note any issues that would detract from the use or beauty of items posted. Close-up photos are provided for your inspection. I am happy to send additional photos of any item or to answer questions you may have prior to purchase.

***Please read shop policies PRIOR to purchasing - thank you!

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Vintage Hammered Aluminum Large Floral Medallion Pendant Necklace '40s Vintage Hammered Aluminum Large Floral Medallion Pendant Necklace '40s

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