Item collection 7456422 original

Vintage Clip Wooden Heart Earrings Color Block Teal Red Black Stripe Dangle


Item collection 7456413 original

Vintage Clip Wood Earrings Color Block Coral Green Large Dangle


Item collection 6698965 original

1950s Retro Faux Pearl Button Earrings - Screw Back


Item collection 40921 original

Vintage Musical Black and White Enamel Earrings


Item collection 7532581 original

Vintage Boho Southwestern Deep Red Silver Medallion Dangle Earrings - Clip


Item collection 0c4d69f3 4f0c 40cb 8598 860529a461dd

Vintage Door Knocker Pierced Earrings Convertible Cloisonné in Rich Enameled Jewel Tones Royal Blue Gold Tone


Item collection 7532966 original

Vintage Earrings Retro Mod Enamel Geometrics Clip On Orange, Black, Lime, Grey 60s


Item collection 7532989 original

Vintage Earrings Color Block Painted Wood Mondrian Style 60s Retro Mod Clip On


Item collection 7532961 original

Vintage Teal Gold Metallic Wooden Disc Dangle Earrings


Item collection 45129 original

80s Vintage Faux Tortoise Shell Clip Earrings


Item collection 19632639 8782 4587 b185 7cff7528743c

Large Vintage 50s Floral Earrings Acrylic Pink Bronze Clip-on


Item collection 54501 original

50s Vintage Gold Tone Filigree Flower Chain Earrings Screw Back


Item collection 1ac85ade ff64 4ee9 b031 356bc5395036

Vintage Christmas Package Earrings Gold Red Bow Ear Wire


Item collection 6953f002 d1b7 450a 97b1 d87e46deeb28

Vintage Faux Jade Large Flower Bud Brooch and Dangle Earrings Set Gold Tone


Item collection 0de5106c f090 4d9e 819f ca87c382a819

Vintage Earrings Floral Enamel Rhinestone Silver Tone Green Raspberry Purple Lilac Clip


Item collection d2e7c7b9 7158 4281 8efa 7dc7981a3cc3

Stunning Cut Crystal Pink AB 3-Piece Set, Necklace, Bracelet, Dangle Earrings - Wedding, Bride, Prom


Item collection c8e951c0 aa70 45be 883f 7aa2bc0e0b80

Nolan Miller Amethyst Glass Faceted Gems Rhinestones Lapis Glass Cabochons Gold Tone


Item collection 879c5871 da86 47e6 b29a 1a705326c938

Vintage Monet Studded Pave Set Rhinestone Circle Hoop Earrings Clips with Blush Pink Pearl Silver Tone


Item collection ebdf7311 e033 4b7a 89a5 4a57d9dd3a62

Vintage Gold Tone Studded Coin Earrings Faux Amber Moonstone Gold Rope 80s Clip On Earrings


Item collection de65d5fe b385 4d7c b146 647bbc46b5a8

Dogwood Flower Floral Enameled Cloisonné Guilloche Post Earrings Pink Green Signed SG


Item collection 0da2f3c1 f38d 4148 a644 550c6897fe7e

Delightful Pave Rhinestone Dangle Drop Earrings - Silver Tone Clip-on


Item collection d4b5a864 f35d 41f1 bd5b 6ab9c51ff5a2

1930s W. Germany Warm Lace Filigree, Amethyst Glass & Faux Pearl Necklace & Earring Set


Item collection 2840a9c0 7c5a 4e0a 9db4 fbef0b4c2e98

Vintage Jewel Tone Glossy Enamel 80s Gold Tone Clip On Earrings, Green, Purple, Royal, Maroon


Item collection a6571d97 6b27 4fea 8cd6 7df7b49f9469

Mid Century Copper Earrings Square Scalloped White Enamel Inset with Colorful Polka Dots Clip On


Item collection 0d82723e 30f8 450b a0c9 c898ba389077

50s Long Beaded Necklace with Beaded Cluster Earrings Sage, Green, Cream, metallic gold


Item collection a2855d10 c2f4 446b a1a1 4e903ec8679c

JOMAZ Large Faux Moonstone Moonglow Glass Cabochon Earrings in Pink - Collectible


Item collection 9194a217 f23c 42be b896 a5ad93ff8ce0

Vintage Gold Tone Rope and Black Cabochon 80s Clip On Earrings


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